Ecuador, South America.  What an epic three weeks with the Modern Gypsies trio: Taylor Filasky, John Leo Post and Eric Bach.  They had won ABC’s “Expedition Impossible” race across Morocco last spring and with their newfound influence decided to combine fun, adventure and good deeds.  The first up was Ecuador – and their commitment to restore water to a village of 450 in the Andes via 2km of communal trench digging and pipe laying.

Before literally digging in the action included motorcycling through Quito traffic, finding a decent Shaman for blessings prior to ascents of 16,000′ and 19,000 volcanoes (they’ve never worn crampons before), cycling along the Pan American highway, eating Cuy (guinea pigs), chasing wild horses at 12,000′ and dropping into the Amazon basin to get muddy.

We’ve got a huge amount of footage and audio that is now being logged and prepped for edit.  Most of my camera time was filming on the Nikons while awesome producer and filmmaker John Logan Pierson manned the Canons.  Post production is now underway with SF based Avocados and Coconuts for the first episode. I’ll be creating a short reel from my footage inspired from a lucid dream sequence while hammered from the altitude. Or perhaps too much Coca tea. Coming soon.

Here are some of my favorite still images – beginning with John in the Amazon with an eager helper 🙂

A monkey helps out in the Amazon BasinSunrise on Cotopaxi, 19,000 foot volcano in EcuadorShaman's blessing for the mountains in Otovalo, EcuadorPortrait of a Shaman's husband, Ecuadora young girl tends her sheep in Gulahuayco, EcuadorEric Bach, with The Modern Gypsies, helps dig a trench for water in EcuadorThe Modern Gypsies help restore water to Gulahuayco, EcuadorJohn Leo Post and Eric Bach, Modern Gypsies, in Gulahuayco, EcuadorA young girl in Gulahuayco, Ecuador


  • The Andes are the most beautiful mountain range. When I was small and we wander just walking and seeing the amazing panoramas looking down you could see spots and those were people. That’s how high it was. The volcano El Chimborazo is majestic but also very dangerous to Riobamba, a quaint city with cobblestone streets. Guayaquil, is a very enchanting city. Very modern and the most important port in all of Ecuador. I would love to see the Galapagos Islands where all the animals look like they came back from being extinct. The country itself is an adventure.

  • The village Gulahuayco where we restored water is in Chimborazo province about an hour south of Riobamba and a half hour north of Alausi. A beautiful country for sure.

  • Wow! You have taken me on a beautiful tour,I consider myself a gypsy in spirit.
    Thank you for the pictorial journey.