On Tuesday six of us paddled kayaks the 9 miles from Prisoner’s Harbor to Scorpion Anchorage on Santa Cruz Island then played for a few days in the sea caves. I had to ferry to the mainland for an Oakley one-day shoot as cinematographer and then caught up again on Friday, bringing cupcakes out as we celebrated Nico’s 18th birthday with a crossing from Santa Cruz Island to Anacapa Island, 12 miles in perfect weather, down wind and down swell.   The islands are magical, 20 miles off the California coast and 200 miles backward in time – the land as it used to be: bald eagles (watched a young one ready to fledge), island fox, sea lions, seals and labyrinths of sea caves to explore.  Unlike Catalina off LA, these are untouched islands, restored from last century’s ranch operations and maintained by the Nature Conservancy and the National Park Service.  Fittingly it is one of the least visited parks.  Here’s the view after our paddle across the channel and along the chain of the Anacapa Island outcrops. Where we started in the morning is off in the distance: Santa Cruz Island.

Anacapa and Santa Cruz in the Channel Islands