MotoGP is the motorcycle world’s top race championship series, 18 races over 14 countries. This past Sunday the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix took place at the famed Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca track near Monterey, California.   Four weeks ago I went up and photographed on the track, returning back to SB where Ducati provided the motorcycles and Bianca provided the attitude. (She fell in love with the Ducati 848evo).   I was testing a medium format camera, the PhaseOne with an IQ260 back, and wanted to see how well we could put together a large composite ad. Click an image to see larger, I’ve noticed in WordPress that the scaled photographs may not appear as sharp in the browser.  

Retouching by Grace Kathryn. With Hair and Makeup from Sterling Gorrell and assistance from Max, Nico, and Natalie.  

Ducati - Laguna Seca, 2013.Ducati - Laguna Seca, 2013.Ducati - Laguna Seca, 2013.Ducati - Laguna Seca, 2013.