Look up the term Skater Girl in the Urban Dictionary and you’ll find Peggy Oki in the definition, an archetype of the skate scene and the Z-Girl in the skateboard history books. The hit documentary “Dogtown and Z-boys” profiled the skateboard revolution in the mid 70s in Venice and Santa Monica, the old Dogtown of west LA.  It was all male with one exception: Peggy – on the Zephyr team from the beginning.

Elder Athletes - Peggy Oki

Peggy still skates and surfs, her custom boards are always nearby, though now she combines her passion for the grace and flow of moving along concrete or along ocean waves with her passion for the arts and for the protection of marine mammals. A touching encounter with a pod of grey whales while surfing a dozen years ago set her on a path that defines who she is today: an activist and champion of protecting whales and dolphins around the globe.  She inspires thousands to action with her art, her energy and commitment.   Currently campaigning hard to save the Maui’s dolphins off the New Zealand coast, Peggy uses her skills as an artist to bring the message.  She’s coordinating the “Let’s Face It” visual petition campaign which features thousands of portraits of supporters (5,500 and counting) as a massive visual petition to the New Zealand government.  After a session shooting with Peggy last month she turned her own camera on me to add my mug to the wall of faces.  The portrait below is at her home minutes from Rincon, one of her paintings on the wall behind her and a hand painted surfboard in her lap.   Take a look at Peggy’s site: www.peggy-oki.com.  An amazing woman.

Elder Athletes - a portrait of Peggy Oki