An iPhone snap from scouting this afternoon for tomorrow’s cover shoot with Eckhart Tolle for Spirituality & Health magazine.   The editors are all onboard with talking about this shoot and showing behind-the-scenes.  It’s easy to be inspired in such a beautiful green and serene location in the Montecito foothills. The weather is warming up to the low 70s and the air is clear and bright. Eckhart is humble and interesting  – a spiritual teacher and bestselling author who found enlightenment in the present moment and who draws on traditions from all religions. He’s pointed out a few of his favorite places in the gardens.  We’ll work with natural light balanced with a soft 7 foot Profoto Octa. Reflectors as needed.  This snapshot shown here is likely too busy for type and text on a cover but we’ll also be shooting for inside the magazine.  Stay tuned.

In the Garden of Now - photoshoot with Eckhart Tolle