If it’s April or October we pack up and head out to the desert with family and friends: climbing, campfires and dark night skies in the Flintstone-land of Joshua Tree.  For my sister, husband and new baby it’s been a while (they’re down from Portland, OR). And for another friend it may his last trip for a while as he moves to Switzerland. No deserts there either.  When we crossed the Arizona border driving from NY to Cali this was our first stop 20 or so years ago –

above: the morning ritual

Oggie the Australian Cattle Dog

Nico catches the sun coming up from atop our backyard climbing wall (5.7 and two 5.10s)

No moon, a comet, Andromeda galaxy at  very top. D3 with 14mm lens straight up for 30 seconds.

Cigar Guy drops in.