Update: June 21 – Here are some of the tear sheets from the ads:15-092-SSR Newport Beach Magazine Ad-LOW RES 14-062-SSR summer newsletter-for web-1Last month my crew and I spent a few days creating lifestyle shots for a Laguna Beach luxury resort.  Known for being the closest resort to the water’s edge, we slept to the sound of waves crashing on the sand and enjoyed golden sunrises and pink sunsets.  Assistants Sara Bielecki, Sara Samario and Aidan Steele helped keep everything looking great along with the models and the team from the ad agency and client.  Here are a few shots from behind the scenes of us all working together along with some outtakes:

Setting up for couples' pool shot

Relaxing in the Master Suite on the balcony of the resort

Family and kids playing and jumping in the pool

Mother and daughter playing on the beach

Hair, makeup and styling of models

Romantic sunset with cocktails at the luxury resort

My two assistants Sara Samario and Sara Bielecki setting up

Assistants getting set up for our morning shoot

Reflections of a father and son in the pool.

Pool side deck over looking the ocean