It’s the middle of a busy few “opera weeks” as we get ready to stage shoots at multiple locations for three different operas set for the 2012-2013 season:  Madama Buttterfly. Aida. Don Pascuale.  While those epic visuals are being sketched, cast, and logisticisized we’ve just finished shooting location scenes for the last production of the 2011-12 season: Orpheus & Eurydice.

On location crafting the gates of hell from the SB Mission for Orpheus

Shown below (top left) is the final ad shot from our fun night exactly a year ago (April 18) for the story of Orpheus.  Now that the actual actors are in town rehearsing from all over the US we carve some time out of their schedule and re-stage a few scenes for PR and promotion. Almost always verticals for covers. And so the gates of Hades have moved from underneath Stearn’s Wharf to the side of the SB Mission.

Opera Santa Barbara - Location shoots for the production of Orfeo