In the garden of Now

An iPhone snap from scouting this afternoon for tomorrow’s cover shoot with Eckhart Tolle for Spirituality & Health magazine.   The editors are all onboard with talking about this shoot and showing behind-the-scenes.  It’s easy to be inspired in such a beautiful green and serene location in the Montecito foothills. The weather is warming up … Read More

Elder Athletes – Peggy Oki – legendary skater, artist and activist

Look up the term Skater Girl in the Urban Dictionary and you’ll find Peggy Oki in the definition, an archetype of the skate scene and the Z-Girl in the skateboard history books. The hit documentary “Dogtown and Z-boys” profiled the skateboard revolution in the mid 70s in Venice and Santa Monica, the old Dogtown of … Read More

Trailer released – Modern Gypsies Compassionate Adventure: Ecuador

The goal for this trip was simple: One great act of compassion, one epic adventure.  Today is the release of the trailer and in months to come the web series will be released. We had such fun with this inspirational project! In their words: “One year to the day, Ecuadorian earth clung to our clothing, our … Read More

PDN’s Photo of the Day – the SB Triathlon in B&W

PDN (Photo District News) has a short set of my B&W images from this year’s SB Triathlon as their “Photo of the Day”. PDN, an award winning magazine for the professional photo industry, started this series four years ago inspired by’s The Big Picture.  

Latest tear sheet: WebMD magazine

Out this week in a doctors office near you and on digital media for WebMD Magazine: a centerfold double spread of advertising Creative Director Bruce Taylor.  Looks pretty good for sixty years old!  Bruce was great to work with, we found a quiet section of Venice Beach and the November skies gave us some nice … Read More

Elder Athletes – inspiration

A new series on athletes and those that have had a passion for their sport for scores of years…and still kick butt of those younger than them..Here are a few test shots – more to come in the following weeks with profiles, behind-the-scenes and of course the photographs.  

FallingWater Series – Kaita

Here’s a quick look at some images with the very talented dancer Kaita yesterday – continuing the FallingWater series I began 15 months ago.  Warm water, of course!

Happy Holidays from the Steele Family

Enjoy the Holiday Season – may 2013 bring peace, prosperity, good health and happiness to all.photographed in Joshua Tree, California  the day after Thanksgiving.  

testing, teaching, always learning.

Anna started today, here from Germany for the winter months. While reviewing some lighting scenarios we ended up playing with grids on the strobes, looking at light quality with and without the grids (which allow great control over the light spill and falloff). As I pulled the 15 degree grid off the strobe I tried … Read More

PDF downloads – my website gets easier

My portfolio site exists to let the creatives at the ad agencies, design firms and magazines get a quick read on my style in the 15 seconds they have available.  Today it got a little easier: Create a custom PDF from among any of the images on my site, reorder and download.  So the Art … Read More

a quick behind the scenes from this evening

Shooting for a two page national magazine spread, we brought in the special sky, coordinated the dolphins in the background and laughed all the way through.  In Venice Beach, LA this evening.  Assistant and soon Brooks graduate Megan had the jokes ready to roll.

The iPhone – the creative beauty of constraints

Or rather, the Iphone with Instagram.  Half of my images are just treated with the filters Valencia, Brannan or no filter at all.  The square format reminds me of shooting with my Dad’s Rollei SL66, exposing a 6x6cm piece of film.  The more I know about photography (and I never stop learning) the more I … Read More

If James Bond had a French Horn…

Skyfall, the latest James Bond film, releases in the USA today.  Here’s a shot with Jeff Nelsen earlier this week.  What if Bond had a French Horn?

Outtake from this morning – shooting with a Hornist

Pro hornist (ie: French Horn player), teacher and instrument designer Jeff Nelsen photographed this morning in the midst of metalwork  – an outtake from our shoot. More to come later with some great twists – Jeff is all about “Fearless Performance”. I used to play French Horn in Jr and High School, it’s my favorite … Read More