Nevada.  Middle of nowhere.  We stopped halfway between Tonopah and Ely, both little towns 60 miles away from us in opposite directions and nothing between except a missile test site, a brothel and empty road.  On the way back from the OR Show in Salt Lake, visits in Park City and days on the Bonneville Salt Flats for the annual gathering of land speed record setters. But more on that #roadtrip soon as I edit the shots.

This is one of the first shots I looked at and the most recent in the set: one of the last images before pulling up the driveway in SB.  A thirty second exposure with a 24mm lens at f/2.8 and ISO 3200. Nico painted with my headlamp light for a split second. We’re sleeping on the lip of the crater, not a meteor crater, a volcano crater.  It’s the night of the 10th about 10pm and the Perseid meteor shower is about to peak in a few days so we’re treated to  streaks of meteors and fireballs. I didn’t catch any big ones in this shot, in fact I didn’t think I caught any at all – but as I zoom in I count five(!) faint ones caught in that half minute. See if you can find them, three to the right of Nico through Sagittarius and Scorpio and two next to each other in the center.

It’s about 8 miles up a dirt road from the Hwy 6 to the crater lip. As we drove in slowly we were cracking up with the antics of scores of bunnies that would dart out of the road as we approached only to pause at the edge and then dart right back in front of us. A number of them would gang up and bound along just in front of us, right in the headlights.  All we needed were some small harnesses and they could have pulled us along…

Watching the Milky Way in the middle of Nevada