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Philanthropy – Fashion and Entertainment: La Voix Magazine

lavoixcoverLaVoix magazine is a thick glossy annual print magazine from the publishers of Poetic Couture. Driving global initiatives for social change and uniting creative thinkers in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry with a philanthropic purpose…. Creative Director Fioré approached me in December after seeing some of my Falling Water series and thought they would be perfect for a feature on warrior and athlete Andy Caress’  battle with cancer. A humbling and touching story, it’s a poignant reminder of the power within us and of the fleeting nature of life. Andy did not survive his aggressive cancer that began with melanoma but the legacy he has left with his foundation touches many.  In his sister’s words: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Enjoy the good times. Things can be taken away from you without warning.”

LaVoix magazine - Kevin Steele

Ducati and Laguna Seca

MotoGP is the motorcycle world’s top race championship series, 18 races over 14 countries. This past Sunday the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix took place at the famed Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca track near Monterey, California.   Four weeks ago I went up and photographed on the track, returning back to SB where Ducati provided the motorcycles and Bianca provided the attitude. (She fell in love with the Ducati 848evo).   I was testing a medium format camera, the PhaseOne with an IQ260 back, and wanted to see how well we could put together a large composite ad. Click an image to see larger, I’ve noticed in WordPress that the scaled photographs may not appear as sharp in the browser.  

Retouching by Grace Kathryn. With Hair and Makeup from Sterling Gorrell and assistance from Max, Nico, and Natalie.  

Ducati - Laguna Seca, 2013.Ducati - Laguna Seca, 2013.Ducati - Laguna Seca, 2013.Ducati - Laguna Seca, 2013.

New tear sheet – ABA Journal August issue

Just out – a portrait of attorney Sean Mason for the American Bar Association Journal.  Sean is recognized as a leader in the practice of integrative law, a holistic approach to finding work-life balance and positive experiences for all sides of the legal process.  Shot on Butterfly Beach in Montecito, CA.

Latest Tearsheet - the ABA Journal

Latest Tearsheet: Rick Cavallaro – faster than the wind

Can a vehicle be built which can go directly downwind, faster than the wind, powered only by the wind?   The obvious answer is no. Rick Cavallaro proved yes and created quite a ruckus almost three years ago with the Blackbird – a craft that looks like a modern windmill planted on a cardboard drag racer. As articles in Wired magazine have pointed out it’s a counterintuitive concept that “can cause world renowned physicists to throw their Nobel prizes in fits of rage”.  After settling the matter for not only downwind but also upwind, that craft is now gathering dust in the backlot of Sportvision where Rick is Chief Scientist. Sportvision created the glowing on screen hockey puck for the NHL – and the yellow first down line shown on NFL broadcasts.

I photographed Rick for Georgia Tech’s Alumni Magazine at Sportvision’s headquarters in Mountain View, the heart of Silicon Valley. That link will take you to a great story, just four of the eight pages are shown below. Rick is a remarkable man: strawberry Pop-Tarts for breakfast every day and an appetite for even greater risks in the mountains and in the sky. As Rachael Maddux writes: “It’s the knowledge that taking risks – and getting a little roughed up in the process – is pretty much the only way to accomplish anything remarkable.”

Rick Cavallaro for Georgia Tech Alumni magazine

Latest Cover and Tearsheet – Eckhart Tolle

This issue arrived last week: it was a wonderful experience photographing Eckhart. From the first contact with the editors and on through planning, shooting, and edit. I previously posted some behind the scenes shots and some notes while scouting and getting to know Eckhart.  This cover was voted on by the Facebook community of Spirituality & Health magazine with three options to choose from.  My favorite is the last shot of the afternoon which is the opening inside spread.  Latest cover and tear sheet - portrait of Eckhart Tolle In Eckhart’s words “Life is now…it’s through the the very challenges of daily life that you become more motivated to awaken…the answer lies within rather than obtaining more possessions, or achieving this or that, or changing the world out there…”

Gearing up for the 2014 Winter Olympics

To Russia with love.  The XXII Winter Olympics begin in Sochi in February 2014. Stalin’s favorite dacha (summer house) was built in this city on the Black Sea just north of Georgia.  As is typically the case for the host country there is a LOT of work yet to be done. The big concern is warm weather – Russia is stockpiling snow just in case.

I was in Steamboat Springs a few weeks ago working on the slopes with Freestyle skiers, Snowboarders and Slopestyle athletes, Nordic Ski jumpers and Alpine Slalom skiers. The coaches allowed very close access so that I was often working with a wide lens and my studio strobes within feet of the athletes.  Here are a few early test shots:Winter Olympic Athletes - testing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Winter Olympic Athletes - testing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Winter Olympic Athletes - testing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Winter Olympic Athletes - testing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Winter Olympic Athletes - testing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Winter Olympic Athletes - testing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Winter Olympic Athletes - testing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Winter Olympic Athletes - testing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Winter Olympic Athletes - testing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Winter Olympic Athletes - testing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Winter Olympic Athletes - testing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Elder Athletes – Peggy Oki – legendary skater, artist and activist

Look up the term Skater Girl in the Urban Dictionary and you’ll find Peggy Oki in the definition, an archetype of the skate scene and the Z-Girl in the skateboard history books. The hit documentary “Dogtown and Z-boys” profiled the skateboard revolution in the mid 70s in Venice and Santa Monica, the old Dogtown of west LA.  It was all male with one exception: Peggy – on the Zephyr team from the beginning.

Elder Athletes - Peggy Oki

Peggy still skates and surfs, her custom boards are always nearby, though now she combines her passion for the grace and flow of moving along concrete or along ocean waves with her passion for the arts and for the protection of marine mammals. A touching encounter with a pod of grey whales while surfing a dozen years ago set her on a path that defines who she is today: an activist and champion of protecting whales and dolphins around the globe.  She inspires thousands to action with her art, her energy and commitment.   Currently campaigning hard to save the Maui’s dolphins off the New Zealand coast, Peggy uses her skills as an artist to bring the message.  She’s coordinating the “Let’s Face It” visual petition campaign which features thousands of portraits of supporters (5,500 and counting) as a massive visual petition to the New Zealand government.  After a session shooting with Peggy last month she turned her own camera on me to add my mug to the wall of faces.  The portrait below is at her home minutes from Rincon, one of her paintings on the wall behind her and a hand painted surfboard in her lap.   Take a look at Peggy’s site: www.peggy-oki.com.  An amazing woman.

Elder Athletes - a portrait of Peggy Oki