Ducati and Laguna Seca

MotoGP is the motorcycle world’s top race championship series, 18 races over 14 countries. This past Sunday the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix took place at the famed Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca track near Monterey, California.   Four weeks ago I went up and photographed on the track, returning back to SB where Ducati provided … Read More

New tear sheet – ABA Journal August issue

Just out – a portrait of attorney Sean Mason for the American Bar Association Journal.  Sean is recognized as a leader in the practice of integrative law, a holistic approach to finding work-life balance and positive experiences for all sides of the legal process.  Shot on Butterfly Beach in Montecito, CA.

Latest Tearsheet: Rick Cavallaro – faster than the wind

Can a vehicle be built which can go directly downwind, faster than the wind, powered only by the wind?   The obvious answer is no. Rick Cavallaro proved yes and created quite a ruckus almost three years ago with the Blackbird – a craft that looks like a modern windmill planted on a cardboard drag … Read More

Latest Cover and Tearsheet – Eckhart Tolle

This issue arrived last week: it was a wonderful experience photographing Eckhart. From the first contact with the editors and on through planning, shooting, and edit. I previously posted some behind the scenes shots and some notes while scouting and getting to know Eckhart.  This cover was voted on by the Facebook community of Spirituality & … Read More

Gearing up for the 2014 Winter Olympics

To Russia with love.  The XXII Winter Olympics begin in Sochi in February 2014. Stalin’s favorite dacha (summer house) was built in this city on the Black Sea just north of Georgia.  As is typically the case for the host country there is a LOT of work yet to be done. The big concern is … Read More

Elder Athletes – Peggy Oki – legendary skater, artist and activist

Look up the term Skater Girl in the Urban Dictionary and you’ll find Peggy Oki in the definition, an archetype of the skate scene and the Z-Girl in the skateboard history books. The hit documentary “Dogtown and Z-boys” profiled the skateboard revolution in the mid 70s in Venice and Santa Monica, the old Dogtown of … Read More

Elder Athletes – inspiration

A new series on athletes and those that have had a passion for their sport for scores of years…and still kick butt of those younger than them..Here are a few test shots – more to come in the following weeks with profiles, behind-the-scenes and of course the photographs.  

FallingWater Series – Kaita

Here’s a quick look at some images with the very talented dancer Kaita yesterday – continuing the FallingWater series I began 15 months ago.  Warm water, of course!

a quick behind the scenes from this evening

Shooting for a two page national magazine spread, we brought in the special sky, coordinated the dolphins in the background and laughed all the way through.  In Venice Beach, LA this evening.  Assistant and soon Brooks graduate Megan had the jokes ready to roll.

If James Bond had a French Horn…

Skyfall, the latest James Bond film, releases in the USA today.  Here’s a shot with Jeff Nelsen earlier this week.  What if Bond had a French Horn?